Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Field Service Management is a best-of-breed software solution for service businesses that manage large volumes of service calls each day. It focuses on the management of work orders, contracts, warranties, parts, and the scheduling of mobile resources. It also includes comprehensive reverse logistics and depot repair for those assets that aren’t maintained in the field. It all adds up to an increasingly efficient field service business.

Dispatch & Scheduling

The process of scheduling and dispatching in a service system is a continuum of capability based on the automation desired by the customer. Creating a task and delegating a technician based on skills, geography, and availability is the most basic scheduling problem. Providing a console that is easy to read for a dispatcher enhances dispatch effectiveness. By bringing more automation to the picture like real-time GPS, and business improvement drivers like overtime reduction, travel mileage reduction, closest technician, fuel consumption and so forth can further enhance the schedule and dispatch function in a service business.


Maintenance capabilities of a service system should manage planned work that will be performed. This planned work can be a result of a date sensitive event, a spot maintenance order, a contractual commitment, a meter read, a timed event, or the current performance of an asset. The maintenance plan, or task list, will describe the work to be performed, the skills and tools required, the labor requirements, and the parts that are required to complete the maintenance work.