Plantation Solution

Originally developed for the Indonesian palm-oil industry, CRoPS Applications can be adapted into similar crops-based plantations like rubber, cocoa, corn, and sugar. With ease-of-use UI, smart algorithms, and modularity, it helps to realize an integrated end-to-end plantation solution.

CRoPS Application

CRoPS Application is an integrated software for plantation industries, suited for any organization size and estate operating area. Featuring comprehensive estate modules, mill/factory, logistic, financial and human capital management with labor and payrolls.

Driven by activity-based principle, agronomic studies, and experiences in implementing the ERP solutions for leading companies in Indonesia and South-East Asia, CRoPS Application is researched and developed to bring the latest technology to the local market.

Plantation Management

Estate Modules

Estate Modules allow norm and activity definition, plantation location, hierarchical structures of the plantation zone area, and agronomic parameters such as crop & clone, soil, climate, land and terrain information. It can further be configured to fit different plantation business operations.

Factory Modules

Factory Modules enable a streamline plantation crops mill processing, including mill and factory setup, weighbridge interfacing, workstation and laboratory parameters entries, quality and norms standards. It also handles labor shifts and wage component parameters to support the factory payroll processes.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Logistic Modules

Logistic Modules handle your inventory management, including purchased parts, processing parts, and sales parts throughout the palm-oil supply chain lifecycle. Includes the centralized procurement and customer order, both supported with contract management functionality.

Financial Modules

Unlock your finance and accounting capabilities with up to 10-accounting dimensions and gains comprehensive analysis of all the ledger transactions. Designed with multi-currency and multi-company entities, the financial modules help consolidate finance and accounting from estate level, up to regional offices and headquarter.

HCM Modules

The Human Capital Management Modules save you time and money by helping you manage your company’s most valuable resources: people. You’ll get a profile analysis that meets all your company’s key needs for personnel development. You also get the essential workforce administration and strategic human capital management.

Extended Services

Service Enabler Modules

Extend your company digital ecosystems, taking advantage of the latest web, mobile and social technologies. Configures a personalized, real-time info through easy-to-use role-based dashboards, event streams, and built-for-purpose mobile solutions. Integrate safely with external systems while ensuring security, speed, and scalability.