Enterprise Project Management

Integrated EPM

An integrated enterprise project management software is the solution of choice for project-intensive industries like offshore oil and gas, aerospace and defense, engineer-to-order manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, shipyards and construction/engineering.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

Those charged with managing complex project life-cycles are often forced to use separate software products to manage different stages of the project — tendering, commercial, estimating, engineering, procurement, fabrication, planning, cost control, construction, installation and commissioning. The enterprise project management software (EPM) unite these steps in a single integrated process, pulling data on real-time activities directly into a project plan. This affords the ultimate in control and visibility, enabling real-time control over cost, cash, time, resources and risk that perhaps no other application suite can deliver. A typical project-based solution (PBS) – in essence, is an enterprise solution built around project management principles rather than repetitive processes.